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Identify teammates with the knowledge you need, from anywhere

Where remote teams come to solve problems, find answers and work more productively

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Eric Brunts

"Before Giraffe it was painful to find colleagues with the skills I needed. Giraffe gives me the right info within seconds! Thanks, Giraffe!"

Eric Brunts

Enterprise PropTech Company

Chas James

"I've been impressed by how intuitive and user friendly Giraffe is. The interface with Slack is a quick way to help find the information we need within our organization."

Chas James

WP Engine

Alex Hughes

"Thanks to Giraffe, we have a simple, cost-effective, easy to use solution that allowed us to identify strengths and personality traits across our Engineering and Product teams in order to maximize productivity and performance."

Alex Hughes


Nat Robinson

"My team loved using the quick assessment and found the clear reports useful too. We are excited to use Giraffe to help us better diversify the skills and personality traits on our team when hiring new employees."

Nat Robinson

Leaf Global Fintech

Bring knowledge & skills online

Find answers on Slack

Tracking down the right team member just got a lot easier 🙌

Gather People Data
Problem Solve
Gain Insights
gather people data

Gather People Data

Centralize teams’ skills, expertise and process knowledge

Bring this data online to make it accessible and actionable by team members across your organization

problem solve

Problem Solve

Search for the skills you need help with, when you need it

Find team members who can help you collaborate and problem solve on tough items that pop up

gain insights

Gain Insights

Identify knowledge gaps and upskilling opportunities

Understand what team members want to learn and where gaps may exist in your organization

How Giraffe helps


We are onboarding new hires remotely, how do we build connection?

Give new hires the ability to identify and collaborate with team members who can assist on tasks that pop up


I need some help on this report before an upcoming deadline, who can I ask?

Bring skills online to quickly identify teammates who have the specific experience you need in the moment


We are going through a reorg, how do I best leverage my new team?

Skills first search enables you to quickly find relevant team members who can help you problem solve

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